Protect and Preserve Your Area Rug Today

Area rug owners in Greenburgh, and the rest New York, routinely spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their rugs. Whether they have a precious antique that was gifted to them from a family member or they purchased the rug to breathe new life into their home or office décor, it’s important that area rug owners have a dependable repair resource when accidents befall their rugs. Rug Cleaning Greenburgh offers expert professional rug repair and restoration for all types of incidents, from the most routine to the most common. Throughout our years in business serving clients in the Greenburgh community, we have truly seen it all and are ready to help you bring your area rug back to life. Call our experienced and qualified specialists today at 914-888-5543 to schedule your free consultation.

Repair Versus Restoration

Area rug owners whose rugs have sustained accidents very quickly learn the difference between repair and restoration. Repair very often involves relatively routine procedures like mending tears, fixing minor cigar burns and tending to fiber deterioration. Restoration can mean a whole other level of care and service involving specialized procedures and more. This type of service is largely reserved for incidents like major fire damage, flooding, bug infestation and more. Our friendly and knowledgeable cleaning and service techs are fully prepared to handle all of your area rug repair restoration needs from the most minor to the most severe. We’ve seen it all and ready to help you bring your rug back to life.

Don’t Hastily Throw Away Your Rug

One of the most common mistakes that area rug owners make following a major home disaster is thinking that their rug is destroyed beyond any repair. Most of the time, you buy or keep your area rug for a reason (whether it’s sentimentality, a love of the design or anything else) and it’s nothing short of a shame to have it destroyed by a fire, flood, mold or any other type of damage. When disaster strikes your area rug, give it a fighting chance of survival by taking it to Rug Cleaning Greenburgh. We have successfully brought rugs back to life after all types of damage, even when it seems like there’s no hope.

Save Your Area Rug Today

The process of saving your rug starts with our experienced and qualified cleaning techs coming to your home and assessing the scope of the damage. If we think we can help, and in most cases we will, we will provide a free, no-obligation estimate and begin work immediately should you accept the price. Rug Cleaning Greenburgh offers free removal of your rug from your home and will return it once the job is done. Call Rug Cleaning Greenburgh today at 914-888-5543 to breathe new life into your damaged rug.